Research and Development

The purpose of the research and development department is to empower and gain experience and research in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We are constantly assessing national and international medical needs and identifying new opportunities to advance ourselves. In this section, not only a specific group of drugs is pursued, but also we try to develop the facilities according to the latest pharmaceutical industries to produce more effective products.

Research and development program

The current focus of this sector is on the manufacture of injectable products, but research at Caspian Innovative Technology Pharmaceutical Company is not limited to injectable products. In our professional research team, we follow a detailed plan in the formulation of new and approved solid drugs as well as their active ingredients. Also, the latest part of our research includes the formulation of anti-cancer drugs and nanostructured drugs.

Scientific cooperation

Caspian Innovative Technology Pharmaceutical Company was established based on scientific studies and researches with the aim of expanding modified versions of existing pharmaceutical products. The company believes that research and development activities can be done faster and better, with good scientific cooperation with research centers and researchers around the world. Therefore, according to our approach, constructive scientific participation and cooperation with young scientists on a global scale is one of our priorities.

Along with industrial activities, we also collaborate in scientific research to gain new ideas in advancing more efficient drug delivery methods. The results of this program have been published as exclusive or scientific articles in prestigious international journals.

In this way, we will always welcome new thoughts and ideas in this field.